About us


We envision a world where people innovate through creativity and well-designed communication solutions to foster sustainable development projects. We engage the community of cultural creatives in the global movement of behavior change for a more environmental-friendly and prosperous society for all.

We embrace the perspective that recognizes the interdependence of cultural and biological integrity and focuses its efforts on that component of diversity which has been recently coined as bio-cultural – namely the weave of humankind and nature, cultural pluralism and ecological integrity.


Our mission is to encourage creativity and to catalyze collaboration among individuals and groups who can become real change agents. We promote and initiate projects of ecology awareness and education through communication and creativity. Our projects combine culture and biodiversity.


MaiNoi is a community open for everyone who shares our values:

We advocate that “sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs” (United Nations). We promote environmental protection, ecology, sustainable urban development, conservation of natural and cultural heritage.
We call for self-expression, personal talent, cultural identity, unity in diversity.
We think organisations should use communication to educate, and not to manipulate.
We believe that WE ARE ONE, regardless of race/ ethnicity, age, gender, religion or faith beliefs, political views, sexual orientation, health status, socio-economic background or anything that makes us be perceived as different.
We believe in PEOPLE’s POWER, so we stand for human rights and for the Earth’s rights.
We encourage the pursuit of dreams which can bring a positive impact to the world.
We seek innovation and new paths to build a prosperous society for all of us.