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ECO Stage line-up @Electric Castle 2018

Working the ECO ways can be exhausting… or so we’ve heard, because we’re just getting started.

This year, the ECO Spot at the Electric Castle Festival will have its’ own stage, powered and supported by Lidl Romania. And as you already know, the stage will be 100% friendly to our environment, using the Solar Sound System which runs on solar and kinetic energy. If the sun will shine high and bright and if the festival people don’t stop pedalling, you’re in for a party! But who exactly are we going to fuel?


We present you this one of a kind party mix:

A line-up that combines Romania’s most noticeable rising artists and unique international DJ’s. The result is a perfect synergy of up-beat sounds raging from house, to electro, tribal and groove. They are the ECO fighters that will animate and give more life to the camping area of the festival. The stage will be ready for you on Wednesday, the 18th of July, with its’ first guest Julian M. starting 14:00.  From Tuesday you can see your favourite artists perform here daily starting 12:00.

For more info on the festivals’ line-up, visit this link:

Put your dancing shoes on and meet us at the castle. Or in this case your sneakers, you’ll definitely need sneakers for pedalling!

Visiting Author: Flavia M. Mocan (La Résistance)


ECO Stage at Electric Castle with SolarSoundSystem

Did you ever find yourself in front of a stage, dancing, singing, enjoying the moment, the DJ, the view, the vibe and the people… when the music suddenly stopped? And did you think that you would do anything to make it start again?

This year the ECO Program ran by MAINOI at the Electric Castle Festival celebrates its 5 years anniversary. In order to properly mark this special year, the ECO Spot will give you the opportunity to keep the party going. All you got to do is… pedal.

The SolarSoundSystem is a concept started by Cédric Carles in 1999 in the Swiss city of Lausanne. The Solar Sound System network and projects traveled from Lausanne to Paris, Berlin, Basque Country, Marseille, even Tel Aviv and now they will join us starting July 18th to the 22nd at Electric Castle. Together with the Solar Sound System brought from Berlin, we will create the unique ECO Stage, powered entirely off-grid by solar panels and bikes linked to generators to pedal your way to the music. It’s simple: if the sun is shy or your pedalling stops, the music stops too. If you move your body to create energy, the show goes on!

This unique concept was created by Cédric Carles, Rubens Ben and Thomas Ortiz in their fight to create awareness and eco-responsibility in a fun and educational way. They’ve created a sound system that works with 100% renewable energy speakers, turntables and sound mixers. And you’ll be able to see solar panels working first hand and to actively participate in building up the joy of naturally-created sounds on the solar dance-floor.

Other notable projects of the SolarSoundSystem include a radio station whose server is powered by solar energy, research into repurposing green technologies of the past and a device for recharging disposable batteries called RegenBox. The RegenBox is completely ecological and works on “non-rechargeable” batteries.

Apart from the fun and interactive part, the Solar Sound System is a conversation starter. It points out that creativity can solve our modern days’ problems related to energy efficiency and climate change while engaging people to not wait for issues to be solved, but get involved and do what they can to be part of the change.

At Electric Castle, come to join the conversation at the ECO Stage located in the camping and to dance to the solar sounds.

The two DJs that will own the stage representing the SolarSoundSystem are Ben Ur and Niki Baida. Their beats are sure to energize you to the bones. Until the time comes, check out their mixes and get familiar to their sound here:

Ben Ur |

Niki Baida |

Until the full ECO Stage line-up is announced, keep a close eye on this space and tune-in to the up-beat Radio 3S – SolarSoundSystem to set your mood for the festival. Groove on!


Article by visiting author: Flavia Mocan (La Résistance)




RESONATE is a short documentary about the global electronic music movement. The video looks into what inspires and drives artists, producers and the audience, by touching upon five dimensions: the creation, innovation, collaboration, consumption and celebration of electronic music.

The video was launched at the end of 2015 by the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), the world’s biggest club festival and conference for electronic music.

Check out the documentary below:



Outlook Festival – 2 – 6 Septembrie 2015


MAINOI a obținut un super deal pentru intrare la cel mai tare festival de muzică underground din Croația: Outlook bilet standard de festival, de patru zile, pentru 70€ (+booking fee) în loc de 190€.

Outlook este cel mai mare festival al culturii soundsystem-urilor din Europa, reunind cele mai sonore nume ale vibrantelor și avant-agardistelor scene de dans și muzică underground.

Timp de patru zile la sfârșitul verii, festivalul răsună puternic într-o fort abandonat cocoțat deasupra Mării Adriatice, pe o plajă de la o aruncătură de băț de orașul Pula din Croația.


Când vorbim despre muzica bass, vorbim de lucruri serioase. Nu ne referim la versiunea comercială, de joasă speță, vândută în prezent copiilor. Ne referim la muzica ringurilor de dans underground, fie că este house, techno, dubstep, reggae, dub, HipHop, garage, grime, electronică etc.

Apropiindu-se acum cu pași repezi de cea de-a opta ediție, Outlook a crescut rapid și evoluează, în continuare, puternic de la un an la altul. Oricine care a intrat în universal bass-ului de la ultimele 7 ediții ale festivalului Outlook poate spune cât de uimitor a fost vibe-ul, cat de cool a fost muzica, ce faini au fost oamenii și cât de facinant este locul în care se desfășoară evenimentul.

Biletele de festival includ patru zile de muzică și vă oferă acces la site-ul festivalului, inclusiv la Fort și la scena din Port. Acestea au preț special redus pentru România la 70 EUR (+booking fee) și pot fi achiziționate de aici:

Concertul de deschidere din Amfiteatrul Roman vechi de 2000 de ani

Concertul de deschidere, de miercuri, 02 septembrie, are loc în Amfiteatrul Roman, vechi de 2000 de ani, din orașul Pula, și va fi garant una dintre cele mai frumoase experiențe muzicale, a carei atmosferă poate fi cuprinsă doar cu simțurile, iar nu exprimată în cuvinte. Datorită capacității limitate a amfiteatrului, biletele pentru concertul de deschidere se cumpără separat.


amphitheatre                        The Roman Amphiteater. Photo by Dan Medhurst

În plus, petrecerile organizate pe barcă sunt un must al festivalului, pe cât de eclectice muzical, pe atât de încântătoare vizual, în navigarea lină pe o Adriatică albastru-pur. Vedeți ce vă place aici:

Mai multe detalii pe site-ul festivalului:

Line-up complet: