Be the Eco Hero of the Castle

Ride your bike to Transylvania and you get free entry to the Electric Castle Festival!

We are thrilled to launch EC015 (the Electric Castle Zero carbon footprint program 2015) with an exciting challenge: we are searching for eco-ambassadors who will promote the call for environmental protection across Europe.

Our partners from Electric Castle Festival offer free entry to the festival to those cyclists who are ready to take the challenge of riding their bikes from the United Kingdom to the Bánffy Castle, in Transylvania, the place where the biggest music outdoor electronic music festival in Romania takes place. Riders who want to take up the challenge must have a good bike, proper equipment and relevant experience to complete the 1400 miles ride.

Our first eco-ambassadors from UK are the Dub Pistols who gladly endorsed our eco message, when we met in France at Snowride earlier this year:

Should you want to be Electric Castle Festival’s ambassador, read the regulation (at the end of the article) and please write an e-mail to contact@mainoi.ro!

The EC0 sustainability project of the Electric Castle Festival is a MAINOI Association’s initiative. For details about the key highlights of 2015 edition’s program, check out www.electriccastle.ro/eco.

We are proud to announce that Electric Castle Festival is drawing on the support, inspiration, and resources of UK environmental sustainability experts Julie’s Bicycle on improving the energy efficiency of the festival and reducing the event’s carbon footprint. Julie’s Bicycle, specialised in greening the creative industries, are working with festivals all over the world to help them manage and reduce their environmental impacts.

JB’s Music Coordinator, Chiara Badiali comments:

Pioneering events and organisations willing to experiment and take on new challenges on environmental sustainability are much-needed leaders in our changing world. Electric Castle Festival’s EC0 initiative is an exciting example of this, with their commitment to reducing the environmental impact of the event and inspiring their audiences to join them on their journey to creating a more sustainable future. We’d like to congratulate any brave eco-heroes taking on the 1,400 mile bicycle adventure from the UK to Romania ahead of time! It would only take 170 of you to cover the distance to the moon….


About Electric Castle Festival:

ELECTRIC CASTLE is the largest music festival in Romania and the first Romanian festival that took electronic dance music and live concert sounds to a castle’s domain. After the legendary first two editions, Electric Castle 2015 gets even bigger with 6 stages and over 150 artists. Held on the domain of Bánffy Castle (or Bonțida Bánffy Castle), the festival wants to be more than a concert extension and tries to offer a full experience to the participants by creating a mix between the unique location, filled with beauty and history, all day round urban activities (like extreme sports, audio-video production workshops) and a large variety of electronic music. Read more: www.electriccastle.ro

About Julie’s Bicycle:

Julie’s Bicycle is the leading global charity bridging the gap between environmental sustainability and the creative industries. Our aim is a creative community with sustainability at its heart and our goal is to provide the inspiration, expertise and resources to make that happen. We work with over 1,000 cultural organisations across the UK and internationally, to help them measure, manage and reduce their environmental impacts. Our team brings together environmental expertise with experience of the cultural sector and our website constitutes the most comprehensive resource library developed specifically for the arts and culture anywhere in the world: www.juliesbicycle.com

ECO Electri Castle MAINOI Romania ECO Electri Castle MAINOI Romania ECO Electri Castle MAINOI Romania ECO Electri Castle MAINOI Romania ECO Electri Castle MAINOI Romania ECO Electri Castle MAINOI Romania ECO Electri Castle MAINOI Romania Photo: Dacian Groza. www.daciangroza.ro ECO Electri Castle MAINOI Romania ECO Electri Castle MAINOI Romania