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ECO Game Contest @Electric Castle 2017

UPDATE 19th July: The winners of the Eco Game at Electric Castle 2017 are:
1. Geanina Corondan – 1st Prize Eco Legend – iute Bike, offered by Atelier Pionion
2. Turosu Cristina – 2nd Prize Eco Angel – EC 2018 VIP pass
3. Radu Andrei – 3rd prize Eco Guardian – EC merch: back-pack, t-shirt and sunglasses
Congratulations to all of the 500 participants to the Eco Game! We are the people who will green the world! 🙂

UPDATE 13th July – The Eco Game is up and running! Come visit us at the ECO Spot in the camping!

UPDATE 12th July, 19:37 – The ECO Game will start tomorrow, Thursday, 13th July. We will announce the exact starting time through another update on the Regulation’s webpage. Stay tuned!


Are you a camper of Electric Castle 2017? See you soon!

Find us in the camping, sign up at the ECO Spot and start the journey of an Eco Citizen. We’re looking for nature lovers, people who want to take action and lead by example. You are most welcomed in our cosy spot. 🙂 Pedal the best out of you at the charging point and have fun playing the ECO Twister!

You can become Eco Guardian, Angel or Legend of Electric Castle. What you need to do is to complete between three to five activities and get the chance to win some cool merchandise, a 2018 Premium EC Pass and a Iute Bike. Read the FULL regulation below.

ECO Game - five actions to become an ECO Citizen of Electric Castle 2017

ECO Game – five actions to become a Legendary ECO Citizen of Electric Castle

What will you become at Electric Castle? An ECO-guardian, an ECO-angel, or maybe even an ECO-Legend

What ECO Citizen title can you gain at Electric Castle? An ECO-Guardian (for 3 eco-actions completed), an ECO-Angel (4 eco-actions completed), or maybe even an ECO-Legend (all five eco-actions completed).


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Take Action against Food Waste

There are only two days left to vote for your favourite food waste reduction initiatives in Europe. 47 brilliant projects await your support in the REFRESH Food Waste Solution Contest.

REFRESH is a research project supporting EU efforts to reduce food waste by 30% by 2025. It brings together 26 partners from 12 European countries and China to work towards Sustainable Development Goal 12.3 to:

  • halve per capita food waste at the retail and consumer level
  • reduce food losses along production and supply chains
  • reduce waste management costs, and
  • maximize the value from un-avoidable food waste and packaging materials.

Our votes today went to:

The Zero Waste Aiud initiative of the Society for Responsible Consumption, which collects wasted food from the city market in Aiud, Romania and gives it to needy families.



Phenix – Giving products a second life, a social enterprise started in France to provide businesses with waste reduction services, connecting offer and demand of surplus through an innovative digital marketplace.


Cast your vote to the initiative you find most effective!