Cyclists Around the World Called to Be ECO-Ambassadors for Electric Castle

If you and your friends are cycling enthusiasts and got the rhythm in your veins, hop on your bike and have a blast at Electric Castle Festival. It’s on us! Free full pass, camping & other goodies await you at the gate of the Banffy Castle (Bonțida, Cluj).

Radu, a 2016’s ECO Ambassador, arrived at the Electric Castle after travelling 500 km by bicycle.

What do you have to do to become an ECO-Ambassador?

  • Choose an eco cause to promote before, during and after the festival. Any cause from deforestation to ecological education. Are you already working for a cause and you’re motivated to support it in the long run? Even better, your chances of being selected increase.
  • Pedal to the Banffy Castle from a distance greater than 250km.
  • Be visible online, a good communicator and active on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). The stronger your ability to reach people, the greater the chance of being selected.
  • Own a smartphone/tablet with mobile data. It is very important to have a device with Internet connection to share media content (photos, videos, live streaming) during your journey.
  • Have a public Strava account / other biking app. It is useful for proving your experience in pedalling on long distances. You will have to use this account to track your journey by bicycle towards Electric Castle.
  • Have the determination to convince as many festival participants as possible to join the ECO program at Electric Castle.
  • Own suitable cycling equipments and bicycle for this kind of journey.
  • Be experienced and physically capable to complete this kind of journey in safe conditions.
  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Plan your journey ahead. We need you to be in Cluj-Napoca in the morning on the 12th of July (place and time TBA).

We greatly promote team working, but we also accept lone wolfs.

If you like cycling alone or if your friends are not as passionate about cycling as you are, you can also sign up!

Are you up for the challenge? Apply here (CLICK), until Monday, the 5th of June 2017.

Each ECO-Ambassador will receive the following:

  • Full access pass @ElectricCastle2017
  • Camping access
  • Safe place to park your bike
  • Cycling T-shirt
  • 5 vouchers of 20 lei for shopping at LIDL supermarkets

ECO Ambassadors call for Electric Castle 2017

International studies show that 75% of a music festival`s carbon footprint is generated by the way people travel to the fest. In 2014 Electric Castle made the commitment to reduce its impact on the environment. Every year since then, together with MAINOI NGO, EC engages its participants into its ECO Program, which is meant to reduce the festival’s carbon footprint and educate audiences about fighting climate change. The  ECO Ambassadors campaign is the part of the program which promotes alternative transportation and cycling tourism. We are now at the third edition of the project together with Lidl – ECO Legend for Electric Castle 2017.

Are you the next one? Choose the eco path: travel on your bike and spread the word that the alternative travel is the way!

More info: eco (at) electriccastle (dot) ro.

We are the ECO citizens of Electric Castle!