Becoming a MAGNETIC Organisation

MAINOI wishes to engage and empower those closest to our community in the pursuit of a compelling vision for the future. Our goal is to empower people, to forge deep relationships, and activate powerful networks and communities.

We place our focus on delivering creative solutions and communication services, creating an organisational culture dedicated to building relationships and facilitating experiences.

We hope to mark a moment of directional change towards a world where people express more of their true self.

Our approach in the communication services we offer revolves around the concept of “lovemarks”, which are “brands, events, and experiences that people love”, as defined, in 2005, by Kevin Roberts, CEO of advertising and branding giant Saatchi & Saatchi.

The leadership style which defines us is based on the idea of “love”, as introduced by Tim Sanders, chief solutions officer at Yahoo. Love, although rarely used in the business context, is “the act of intelligently and sensibly sharing your knowledge, networks, and compassion with your business partners… Share your knowledge aggressively; expand your network of people who share your value and connect as many of them with each other as possible; and, perhaps most important, be as openly human as you can be and find the courage to express genuine emotion in the harried, pressure-filled world of work. And one last point: Behave this way not because you expect something in return – a quid pro quo – but because it’s the right way to behave. The less you expect in return for acts of professional generosity, the more you will receive.”

That being said, feel free to be your true self and spread the love!


Our goal of becoming a magnetic organisation is magnificently led by the inspiring book entitled “Magnetic. The Art and Science of Engagement” (2013), written by Anne Bergeron and Beth Tuttle, to whom we’re sending our heartfelt thanks for their wisdom.