Call for ECO Volunteers

eco volunteers wanted

ECO volunteers wanted! MAINOI and Electric Castle are taking the ECO sustainability program of the festival further this year. After the success of our 2014 program, Stronger.Bigger.Better.Greener, we decided making this year’s program all about people, so we called it “We are the people who will green the world”. For those of you who don’t know much about it, this is a project designed to raise awareness about climate change and to educate people about the importance of being eco responsible.

This year we’re looking for a team of dedicated volunteers who share our vision and who are willing to be an active part of all our eco-activities.

When and where?

The eco-programme kicks off on the 25th of June for four days, throughout the whole duration of the festival, at the Banffy Castle from Cluj. Every volunteer must be there on the 25th of June, at 9:00 am.

What will you be doing there?

All of our volunteers will be working in six-hour shifts:

1st shift: 4:00- 10:00

2nd shift: 10:00 – 16:00

3rd shift: 16:00– 22:00

4th shift: 22:00 – 4:00.

Depending on the shift you will be allocated to, you will have to calculate the carbon footprint of the festival-goers, oversee the pedal power bikes stucture, distribute portable ashtray to the festival-goers or collect food that we will later offer to the villagers of Bontida. Also,volunteers will be giving out tokens so the electric citizen can take part in our ECO-game and will register them in the eco-program’s raffle. The shifts allow you to take part in all of the activities above, so you won’t get bored doing just one thing.

Five of the volunteers from Cluj will have to be available from Monday, the 22nd of June, to assist with pre-fest arrangements, at the castle.

What’s in it for you?

The reward for working with us consists in free entrance at Electric Castle Festival and the chance to promote your eco-ideas at the coolest festival in Romania. Each day, at the end of your shift, you will be given the pass for the next day of the festival. Besides, each one of you will receive the equivalent of 2 tokens/day, the equivalent of 12 lei. The five volunteers from Cluj will receive a full lunch, from Monday to Wednesday, while they are helping with the pre-fest arrangements.

How to register?

Register through the Google Form by giving your best answers to our questions, and we will get back to you after reviewing your application: REGISTER HERE by the 8th of June, 2015.

We look forward to meeting you, future ECO volunteers!

The Electric Castle Zero Carbon ECO Sustainability Project is possible thanks to our sponsors: Giant Bicycles Romania, Wallmark and Alpin SUN GMBH.